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A pair of photographs of the late BC Champ Car driver Greg Moore. The first features Greg stepping into his Player's Forsythe Reynard at Portland for qualifying (1999) as his father Ric looks on over his shoulder. The second was also snapped at Portland, but in 1996. Greg posed for a picture with his first big boy purchase, a Dodge Viper GTS complete with personalized plates (GM 99). Both photos are 8x11 in size and printed on archival quality photographic paper. 


Archival photograph featuring Justin Wilson at the wheel of the Conquest Mi-Jack Champ Car at Portland. It is 8x12 inches in size and has been hand signed by the late racing star.  


Hand signed archival photograph of the late Justin Wilson at speed in his RuSport Champ Car at Las Vegas. It is 8x12 inches in size. 


Super sharp archival photo of the late Justin Wilson on his way to victory at the Edmonton Indy race in 2006. It is 8x12 inches in size and has been hand signed by Justin. Title: Autographed photograph of Champ Car driver Justin Wilson. 


Donated by Russell Purcell